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JDTC (Jayeshbhai Dhirajlal Trivedi’s Club) was started with only one vision, which is making the best players. We believe there is no such thing like talent, it is a skill and skill can be developed. Every player is a champion if you feed them with right knowledge. We give personal training plan for each and every player by which they can see their improvement and there potential. We involve parents to see their Star shine by organising parents meeting every two weeks.

Meet The Founder

Niranjan Trivedi

A passionate student of fast bowling for over 15 years. Played under 19 Mumbai Camp, Kanga League C, D, G Division, Currently playing for Saurashtra.

Why JDTC ?

Experienced Coaches

All our coaches are well experienced and know their sport very well. With minimum 15 years of experience in their particular sport. Their motive is to give right knowledge at the right time.

Improved Attention

We only take batches of 10-15 players each, which gives us more space to look for every player’s performance on a very personal level. With this we can know which skill is lacked and which part needs to be trained

Nutrition Coaching

We provide timings to have your meals. Sleeping cycles for better recovery, Food choices from your kitchen to make you stronger and eating habits which will make a huge difference in your performance and which can be sustainable for long run.

Creating Right Mindset

For Playing at higher levels not only needs a better command on your body but also needs a right mindset. We build their mindset in such a way that they know exactly what it takes to reach the highest level.